Dubbo Express loop, Warrumbungle freaky ass mail boxes DAY FOUR

 DAY FOUR DUBBO TO WARRUMBUMGLE National Park (141km 2.5hr) The skeleton of past glory is slowly disappearing as new growth climbs higher. Now only the blackened fingertips stand above the forest walls, yet the fires destruction is still strongly evident. This limited cover also gives us views of the rocky faces as not seen in … Read more

Dubbo Express loop Day Two

TEXAS TO DUBBO(550km 7.5hr) As the daylight started to edge out of the night, I found the kids in the tightest foetal position on record. Hence the blankets were out from then on.     Tip-toeing around the campsite was somewhat of a novelty with the crunching rocks setting off a domino of growls and … Read more

Wildlife and Wilderness

Dubbo Express Loop – Dayboro to Koreelah National Park (184km 3.5hr) Our working from home bubble pops when blinking red lights become almost hypnotic, (not good for H’s seizures) and we were introduced to the concept of peak hour traffic once again. When clear and on the Lake Moogerah Rd, the views were of soft green fields dotted … Read more