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A Land Girt by Sea
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Sunset, sunrise, cloudy, windy, sunny, rainy…..  endless variations to colour and texture all heightened by its location to the wet stuff. There is a magic to water in its sparkle, reflection and movement adding depth and life.

Great Ocean Road seascape photo

"LOOKING LEFT" 12 Apostles to Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The clouds and rain, a blessing in disguise on my second attempt at shooting the infamous Great Ocean road. Always looking for something a little different to the standard shots but torrential icy rains were a bit much the first time around. Light clouds on sunset made for a soft beauty that travelled from the clouds to the depths of the water. The colours and textures come alive on the sandstone cliffs and adding some of the grasses, and bush tufts, softened the whole feel and heighten the overall experience.

"ENTER" Loch Ard Gorge Beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

The soft light of early morning is welcoming, while the sandstone cliff weathered lines draw you to the point of first light, and back into the smile like tide wave. Creating movement and emphasising the journey through the image and the experience.

Loch Ard Gorge photo by Visual Image
12 Apostles photo by Visual Image

"LAST MEN STANDING" 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

It’s a big ask to make this shot unique considering the record-breaking number already taken. However, there is a richness to the cliff faces on an overcast day that you don’t usually get when the sun shines. While the fly size helicopters  emphasize the grandness of scale and subject. Still a beautiful scene however you look at it.

"BREATH" Wanaka Lake, Wanaka, New Zealand.

A slight sidesteps from Australia found me up to my knees in the cold stuff. New Zealands snow covered hilltops and an early morning walk brings me to a view that transfixes you in place and awe, to exhale a breath for a moment of pause.

Wanaka Lake photo by Visual Image
Harvey Bay Jetty by Visual Image

"Hervey Bay" Queensland, Australia

The jetty view is one of splendor but like many seen before. From below our view has depth, wander and thought-provoking reality. Looking outside the box.  

"KIAMA" NSW, Australia.

The play of water and light from the sparkle in plentitude, to the sole ripple. Creating dance and rest, drawing you to the sole figure, a free moment in nature yet shielded and protective at the same time. Black and white photography gives you a clarity of subject, and focus on pattern shade and light

Rock Pool photo by Visual Image
Bay Of Islands photo

Bay of Islands, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Magic of the Great Ocean Road. The Bay of Islands may not be the most famous but on sunrise and slow tide, it seems even more beautiful than its infamous counterpart. A gem among many, soft pastel skies and silky waters contrasting against the harsh beauty of the sandstone cliffs.

The Art Of Nature by Visual Image

Chinchilla Weir, Queensland, Australia

The moment when the sky reaches the water and that which is in between becomes a moment of beautiful confusions. As the sun sets the water stills in a silence becoming of the hard day past, and a new life is born from the same view. The reflection still with colour is now full of pattern, like some mind game of sorts, an abstract, an art piece.This is a view that only in drought can be seen, the tidal markings evident as I walk where I did once swim.

Sunset Trail by Visual Image

"EVENING Trails"
Elliot River, Guthalungra, Queensland, Australia

Guided through the crock waters to safety on sunset. A candid shot of animal hierarchy and social duty.

Shades of Time by Visual Image

marlay point foreshore reserve, Victoria, Australia

Like soldiers saluting at sunrise they stand the test of time, warn and battered but holding fast. A structured stability, against the fleeting colours marking the start of a new day.

Port Germein Blue pier by Visual Image

"PIER BLUE" Set of three
Port Germein, South Australia