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Romancing History

There is something powerful about the past, the story in an image has not only a beauty of its own but is entrancing. It draws you into a place that makes you contemplate the present and wonder about the journey.


Gayundah Shipwreck photo

"PASSING TIDES" Woody Point Queensland Australia

Sharp lines carve into the sand, while rich rust almost drips from its bow. As tides slowly eat away at its existence, its near-skeletal form still holds a presence lending to its past life.

Do you have a story to tell about the Gayundah Shipwreck?

"STYLISH GOLD" Delaneys Creek Queensland Australia

She wears her rust like a crown of gold, proud in her aged lines yet gracefully forlorn. The beauty in character brought forth by nature brings her alive, even at her demise.

Oldsmobile photo by Visual Image
Photo Sailing Through Time

"SAILING THROUGH TIME" Near Burra South Australia

Tides out, perhaps a heightened exaggeration of the South Australian reality yet poignant in its purpose. Alone in the vastness of landscape, the wavering grasses symbolic to its past greatness.

"HISTORIC TOW" Linville, Queensland Australia

You can almost see the long history in its face like front, hollowed eyes and darkened center. Yet, it still stands strong with its tail held high, almost like a last stand. Adorned in rich orange and gold, highlighting every detailed character like wrinkles etched into an old soul.

Historic Tow photo by Visual Image

Cushioned in old newspaper and photo greys the colours hold centre stage, and the life worn markings become the forefront. Its an enlightenment, the past so strong and full of character that we hardly find in present day. Yet as each piece lays in its rest place nature continues to shape and etch into its existence, until finally, it becomes one with nature again.

I fear for the degradation of that which is produced in present-day society. None degradable products will most likely scare the scenery, more than enhance a moment and tell a story of the past.

Help me keep these moments in time alive, and share its lessons and stories.

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