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QUEENSLAND OUTBACK SHADES LOOP (Brisbane, Miles, Mitchelton, Charleville, Longreach, Lloyd Jones Weir, Carnarvon Gorge, Chinchilla Weir)

– Caravan & camping 11+ day Road Trip(add extray days to locations as needed). Discover golden sunrises, drunken Lorikeets, an Artesian Spar, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, a wildlife oasis, a hikers and photographers paradise and lots more.

Routes are designed in a loop so that you can start at any point closest to you, add extra days to locations, and then continue on. We have compiled this downloadable document with all the essential details to make your road trip navigation a breeze.


  1. LINK to Detailed Google Map of the trip. All the locations have been added for your convenience. Just select a location point and press directions, and away you go. (login required)
  2. Extra travel tips for the area, e.g. turning room for vans and great photography spots, and what you can find in the area.
  3. Location directional guidance details when needed (so no vague directions like off HWY such and such). Print out your sheet for backup
  4. Links to websites for points of interest info. e.g. to get up-to-date open times and prices if required.