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Creative inspiration

This one takes on some deeper meanings. One is the old country house representing the face of country life. The two darkened doorways the eyes, the white door the nose, and the mouth obscured by the overgrown bushy beard. The other story of sorrow and loss, feeling betrayed. The once warm and loving home now stands desolate with darkened doorways, the chair turned, as though given up waiting. Black and white always adds to the emotion of an image.

Old country houses are rich sources of creative inspiration, offering a blend of history, architecture, nature, and a sense of nostalgia. Exploring the stories of the families who lived there, the events that took place, and the changes over time can serve as inspiration for historical fiction, documentaries, or even educational projects.

Overall, old country houses offer a tapestry of inspiration that spans architecture, history, nature, and culture, making them a treasure trove for creative minds in various fields.

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This image was taken during a photographic road trip in country Australia during the NSW floods of 2022