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Gorgeous Hiking Discoveries

On that cold and windy early morning, I embarked on a remarkable journey, a walk that felt like a spiritual pilgrimage, leading me into what could only be described as “God’s country.” As I ventured higher into this breathtaking landscape, the world around me came alive with an undeniable sense of majesty.

Trees, their branches covered in moss and lichen trembling, seemed to waltz with the invisible forces of nature, their dance a tribute to the ever-changing sky.

As I gazed upwards, I couldn’t help but marvel at the dramatic interplay between the heavens and the earth. Thick, imposing clouds drifted slowly above, masking and revealing the mountain’s secrets. In this ethereal ballet, I caught tantalizing glimpses of the road below, a sinuous ribbon stretching thousands of meters into the distance. The road seemed like a lifeline, connecting me to the world far below, only to be momentarily concealed by the transient curtain of clouds.

Hiking Realities

My heart skipped a beat as I realized how glad I was that my vision was obscured. Had I known the true savageness of the precipice where we sat, perched on the edge of the world, I would have surely been much less calm. The sheer drop into the abyss below was a testament to the raw power of nature, a reminder of its untamed beauty and unforgiving might.

Yet, paradoxically, looking back at the mountain from this perilous vantage point filled me with an extraordinary sense of serenity. The grandeur of hiking Mt. Mitchell, with its maximum elevation reaching an awe-inspiring 1174 meters, made me feel as though I were almost floating. It was as if I had transcended the constraints of the earth, touching the heavens themselves.

In that cold and windy early morning walk, I had not only ventured into a corner of the world that could only be described as divine, but I had also ventured into the depths of my own soul, discovering a profound connection with the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. Mt. Mitchell had become more than just a peak; it had become a symbol of the boundless wonders that our planet has to offer, a reminder of our smallness in the face of its grandeur, and a source of unparalleled inspiration.

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Location discovered during my Brisbane to Hay photographic road trip

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