Country Orange, friendly dust storm.


Printed using long-lasting pigment inks.

Framed A3 & A2 sizes are pick-up only.

FRAME sizes are indicative, and actual sizes may vary slightly depending on availability(will verify)Pickup option is Dayboro 4521 unless otherwise arranged

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Fun in the country

A little bit of pit stop fun, with music up loud, doing doughnuts in the rich red earth fields. We had the luxury of some generous local farmers letting us play in some of their fields on the way through during the Hay Rust ‘n’ Dust Charity Rally 2023

Rich red dust swirled and spiralled into the air, a dance of our own making. Born of ancient rocks and timeless desolation, these crimson particles painted the sky in a fiery ballet, casting enchanting shadows and reminding us that beauty thrives even in the harshest of landscapes.

Love how even the thickest of dust layers could not drag them away from their phones.