Country Grey, the beauty in tin


Printed using long-lasting pigment inks.

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Iconic Country Moments

Situated along the Cobb Highway, between the towns of Hay and Booligal, stands the renowned and historic One Tree Hotel. Its roots date back to 1862 when it was meticulously constructed by Alexander Finch. Originally christened as Finch Inn, it later underwent a name change to become the One Tree Hotel after being acquired by William Clark. The name was inspired by a solitary grand gum tree that stood tall upon a clay pan, adjacent to a modest freshwater well, roughly half a mile away from the establishment.

During its heyday, the One Tree Hotel flourished as a bustling hub, serving as a vital stopover for travelers and adventurers alike. Regrettably, its fortunes dwindled, leading to the eventual abandonment of its liquor license in 1942. This establishment played a significant role as a staging post for the famed Cobb & Co Coach, which traversed the region during its era.

Today, the One Tree Hotel stands in solitary grandeur against the vast skyline, situated approximately 38 kilometers from Hay. It serves as a poignant and enduring symbol, harkening back to the days of squatter’s runs and the bygone era of stagecoaches.

As a child, I used to come with my family to the One Tree Races. An iconic local event that was often followed with a camp at the private lake Waljeers (which becomes a crop field in dryer times). Country life at its best