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Tooraweenah is aboriginal for “Home of the Brown Snake”

The traditional custodians of our ancient land describe it as a meeting place for the Wiradjuri, Kamilaroi & Wailwan nations.

Tooraweenah is not just a location to visit but a community to experience. A place where you can truly connect with the past and country Australias present.

Between the fires and the launch of covid, our family put a pin on the map of Australia, roughly halfway between where everyone lived. Travelling from Victoria, South Australia, NSW, And Queensland landed us in Tooraweenah. A spec of a town. But on our night walk, it had transformed into an abandoned movie set, a visual attractiveness I had not expected. An emotive scene: The stillness and street lighting created the most fantastic feeling of vastness, isolation, and presence at the same time. I fell in love with this little town that I had never heard of in the middle of nowhere.


Numerous character-filled old buildings and quiet streets for En Plein Air possibilities or photographs to take home. Above are just a few examples


Numerous character-filled old buildings and quiet streets for photographs. Above are just a few examples. Great views of Warrumbungle from the Viewing Platform just South of town - 299 John Renshaw Pkwy


The sculpture depicts a returned soldier stripping off his army uniform while reaching for a plough. Renouncing war, he looks toward his new life on the land. A pretty walk to do at sunrise or sunset!


The Gallery Butcher - Old Butcher shop on the Cnr Murray St & Denman st, Tooraweenah NSW 2831 - content unknown(message me if you have a chance to visit)


You can take the Tooraweenah Walkway from town to the GK Rohr Warrumbungle Viewing Platform(900m) to see Brett Garling’s Returned Soldier Sculpture and take in the stunning view. Or View Tooraweenah Historical Walk (3km) by clicking on icon


Hickeys Falls Parking Area 15min from town. 5627 Wells St, Gowang NSW 2357. DOG . FIRE . TABLES . CREEK . LRG RIG . RECEPTION . SHADE


Tooraweenah Caravan Park. Bridge st, between Aimee st & Newton St, Tooraweenah NSW 2831 POWER . TENT . DOG . CABIN . POOL . (Tap icon to visit website)


Camp Blackman in the Warrumbungles National Park - 40min from Tooraweenah POWER . CARAVAN . TENT . SHOWERS . TOILETS . PHONE . WALKS . KANGAROOS . (Tap icon to visit website)


Dark Sky Eco Resort at The Emu Hive. 51min from Tooraweenah. Everything about this place says WOW Coonabarabran NSW. Carmichaels Lane, Coonabarabran NSW 2357 (Tap icon to visit website)