A Queensland Spring day 4

Rainbow bird

ROCKHAMPTON To EMU PARK   A flicker of brilliant colour transformed your average morning exploration into something magical. Tiny Rainbow Bee Eaters were darting everywhere as we watched the sunrise, and the old bridge comes into the light. This was also the time of rude awakening. Having never travelled this far north before what we … Read more A Queensland Spring day 4

A Queensland Spring Day 3

beach scene in black and white

FAULKNER PARK to ROCKHAMPTON Unusual friends, Fire Flies and endless beaches. As day broke, I snuck out by myself (becoming the usual routine to get a little bit of quiet and experience nature to its fullest). I found a Kingfisher with a few unusual friends, fluffy chooks perched in the trees by his side, and feeling quite … Read more A Queensland Spring Day 3

Queensland Spring Day 2

photo of Wedged Tailed Eagle

A mysterious regrowth wonderland Murgon to Faulkner Park Back roads are the golden roads to discovery, and driving these roads to Mount Perry lookout found us at a mysterious regrowth wonderland. The plant life emerging after flooding was of soft green textured mounds, which gave beauty to the lifeless naked tree trunks it surrounded. These plants extended … Read more Queensland Spring Day 2