Carnarvon Gorge; One of the most powerful places in Australia

According to indigenous legend, being significant to the Bidjara, Karingbal, and Kara Kara people of Central Queensland. Carnarvon Gorge’s rock art sites are thought to have been in use for at least 3,650 years

EXPLORING ADVICE: head to the furthest place you wanted to walk to, then do the much shorter sidewalks on your way back.


Hidden in the rugged ranges of Queensland’s central highlands, Carnarvon Gorge features towering sandstone cliffs, vibrantly coloured side gorges, diverse flora and fauna and Aboriginal rock art

The gorge is beautiful, with a variety of walks that are well laid out. The signage is excellent and the area has been well maintained. There are short flat walks, and more extensive longer walks that require some planning. For the fit and strong(need to carry all equipment including camera gear) overnight at Big Bend or 3-4 days recommended for staying off-site. The visitors centre is informative.

I did the full overnight hike as a 48 year old with average fitness but found the carry weight a challenge including an extra couple of Kg of camera equipment. 

Take plenty of water(bring a filter straw for backup, especially if camping on the trail, and to lesson weight in your pack) and insect repellent for the mozzies.


Well, there is not much that isn't creatively inspirational. Nature is the building block of all creativity. Even if you are not a nature artist the shadow and light and angles in the canyons and rocks are an abstract joy ---- . The park is also home to many species of birds, mammals, and reptiles, making it an ideal spot for wildlife artists to study and capture the beauty of these creatures in their natural habitat. I saw a lot of echidnas on the trail, as well as wallabies, and bird species in abundance. ---- The cliffs are adorned with intricate patterns and textures that are sure to inspire any artist. The changing light throughout the day creates an ever-shifting palette of colors and shadows that can be captured in paint, pastels, or other media.


Besides the obvious capturing the natural beauty or focus on the wildlife, you can utilize the cultural history. Look for opportunities to capture images that highlight the park's cultural significance, such as rock art or other cultural landmarks ---- You can also Play with light: The changing light throughout the day can create dramatic effects on the canyon walls, rock surfaces and waterways. Experiment with different lighting conditions, such as early morning or late afternoon, and consider using filters or adjusting your camera settings to capture the best possible shot. Try to get into the canyons around 12-1.30pm so the light is filtering directly above to make great snaking shaddows on the ground


The Carnarvon Gorge Art Gallery walk is a 10.8km 4hr+ walk but is a relatively easy grade 3. Ancient connections are captured in the ochre stencils, engravings and freehand paintings that adorn the sandstone walls. The gallery isn't far from the main track however it is quite a steep walk with stairs.


The Art Gallery walk is a 62m-long sandstone wall featuring 2000 engravings, ochre stencils and free-hand paintings adorning the sandstone walls. This is one of Australia’s finest examples of stencil art. See if you can find boomerangs, hands, feet, stone axes, shields, nets and an assortment of animal tracks. (Click on icon to got to website for details)


My favourite full-day walk list would be to go to Boowinda Gorge 20km return(7hr) and then visit Wards Canyon - and the Amphitheatre on the way back. (A great walk planner can be found by clicking the Icon)


The GREAT SWAG SPOT(Quarry) 2min Sth of Mulcahys rd or rest stop just before are the closest Free camp that is not a gravel pit. Great View. Carnarvon Highway, Rewan, Dry weather only. DOG . SMALL CARAVANS . TENTS . FIRE . FULLY SELF-CONTAINED ONLY


SANDSTONE PARK - Hill top 360° views of Carnarvon National Park. Kangaroos everywhere. Drive through flat sites.campsites, guesthouse, helicopter flights, guided tours 3858, Carnarvon Gorge Rd, Carnarvon Park QLD 4722 TENT . DOG . CARAVAN . BIG RIG . FIRE PIT . TOILETS . DUMP POINT . WATER (Tap icon to visit website)


BIG 4 - Surrounded by creek and swimming holes. Lots of Wallabies and other wildlife including platypus. 5min from Gorge walks. Obriens Rd, Carnarvon Gorge POWER . CARAVAN . TENT . SHOWERS . TOILETS . PHONE . WALKS . KANGAROOS . (Tap icon to visit website)


WILDERNESS LODGE. Spread out in a beautiful parkland setting, the Lodge offers 28 large safari style cabins accommodation units. Each with ensuite bathrooms, tea preparation, fridge, air conditioning/heating and spacious balconies. Obriens Rd, Carnarvon Park (Tap icon to visit website)