Misty Morning Fox and Hot Natural Bath

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY FIFTEEN

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Binnaway to Lees Camping Reserve (502km, 6hrs)


I got a little obsessed with the morning light and mist rising from the river(Binnaway). Also had the absolute pleasure of a fox sneaking up on the ducks in the mist that I was obsessing over. So cool; it seemed to just sit and contemplate, finally deciding to leave them.

LR was camping in her popup tent that night and when I checked in on her I could hardly find her under the sleeping bag and duna, twas a nippy night.

2. BINNAWAY to BURREN JUNCTION BORE BATH 193km 2.21hrs -Kamilaroi Hwy x Burren Bore rd, Burren junction (3km E of town)

When I could finally drag myself away from the creek, we headed for the Burren Junction Bore Baths to warm up (closed for summer for obvious reasons). And what an experience to have after sitting in a car for 2 weeks. A relaxing hot soak comes from the Great Artesian Basin and is approximately two million years old! Natural pressure sends the water to the surface through an artesian bore and it maintains a constant temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. contains reputed therapeutic qualities that relieve aching muscles.

2. BURREN JUNCTION BORE BATH to LEES CAMPING RESERVE 309km 3.35hrs – Kildonan Rd, Yelarbon QLD 4388

Really you are spoiled for FREE CAMP choice in this area. Choose any and you are winning. Rainbow Camping Reserve, Bengalla Reserve,  or Lees Camping reserve. All along the Dumaresq River, allow pets and all are accessible in the dry by big rigs. Sandy Beaches, lots of birdlife

Wet weather – Yelarbon Recreation Grounds down near the lagoon, Wyemo X Lagoon st, pets and toilets


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