Climbing under vintage trains, and Haunted Historical Streets in the Mountains

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY THIRTEEN

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Tarcutta NSW to Sofala NSW (367km, 4.20hrs)

Sometimes there is just so much inspiration on a road trip that you can’t stop for everything. And to be honest (if you don’t have to drive), some of the roadside blurs in a photo can be quite interesting.

1. TARCUTTA to LACHLAN VALLEY RAILWAY HERITAGE CENTRE 3 Campbell St, Cowra VIA Boorowa(Lochlan Valley Way) we parked in a side street as we didn’t want to park off the road in the wet and there is not much parking at the centre.

Now There are railway museums, and then there is the Cowra Lochlan Valley Railway Heritage Centre. Packed full of historical trains and carriages. You can not only go in the trains but also under, adding a whole other dimension to the exploration. And visiting on a rainy day made the visuals even more interesting for photos with more defused lighting and wet surface reflections.

2. RAILWAY HERITAGE CENTRE to SOFALA 150km, 1.50hrs Sofal Campsite, 4545 Ilford Sofala Rd, Sofala NSW 2795

Continuing on the theme of old stuff, we headed for an area of NSW with a little personal history in some very old towns in the mountains. As it was getting late we stopped at the bottom of the mountain in the little historic village of Safala. Australia’s oldest surviving gold rush town after gold was discovered here in 1851. Some find this town a little eerie, and to be honest, I did feel it walking around the leafless treed streets in the dimly lit hours through the trickling rain.

There is a great little camp spot Crossley Bridge Camping Area, but it was raining. We didn’t take the big van down and just stayed at the rest stop just out of town at the Joyce Pearce Memorial park

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