Kangaroo Back Yards and 1860s Town in Mothballs

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY FOURTEEN

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Sofala to Binnaway Pumphouse Reserve (318km, 3.54hrs)

With another early rise, we did a quick tour of the town(Sofala) before heading up the mountain to Hills End.

1. SOFALA to HILL END 36.4km, 33min

Now, this is a real historical town in mothballs. Most buildings are kept in excellent condition. Would so have loved to spend a little more time here. But we still managed to find some great shots, including some of our old family Northy’s General Store.

2. HILL END to BINNAWAY PUMPHOUSE RESERVE 224km, 2.40 hrs – 4 Castlereagh Ave (via Gulgong & Coolah)

Not too adventurous at our next night spot, capturing the classic windmill sunset. Binnaway Pumphouse Reserve was a brilliant Free Camp beside the Castlereagh Rivervia 

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