Rugged cliffs and pastel sunrise, plus old Mining Remnants

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY ELEVEN

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Timboon Vic to Chinamans bridge Nagambie ( 392km, 4.49hrs)

To make stopping along the Great Ocean Road easier, we left H in bed and unhooked the van for a quick trip back to all the excellent GOR stops we missed the day before. 

1. BAY OF ISLANDS BEACH Boat Bay Rd off Great Ocean Rd

In an attempt to try and shoot the area from a different angle, we headed for the beach instead of the main lookout. The soft colours of early morning certainly added a different feel to the usual rainy grey day that I had been getting to date. I also slowed the shutter speed to soften the look even more

2. BAY OF ISLANDS BEACH to HALLADALEW POINT 4.5km, 6min – Second Dirt rd on R Just past Bay of Martyrs off GOR

You could literally spend days exploring all the different lookouts and beaches. This was the lesser known of our stops and a random decision. You can nor park a van or bus at this location

3. HALLADALE POINT to THE GROTTO 5.4km, 6min – R off GOR onto The Grotto Track
This one is a little different again, Part blowhole, part archway, part cave. Wooden steps wind down the cliff face to the bottom

4. THE GROTTO to LOCH ARD GORGE 16.8km, 16min – R off GOR then L onto a large parking area
This one is my favourite, and so it is for many so make sure you come early

No people, and we got to most before the rain started again. On the way back to the van we visited the Timboon Cheesery ( Schulz Organic Creamery & Café 23 Ford and Fells Rd, Timboon VIC 3268  ) There is also an old bridge for photos and a cool Railway shed distillery.

Unfortunately, not so much fun for H as the heater stopped working soon after we left. H woke up frozen and was physically shaking with cold when we returned.

The day did not get much better from there. We attempted to follow vague directions between two lakes; Lake Gnarpurt/ Lake Corangamite. Could not find the right road and ended up having to hunt to find a place to turn the big rig. H was not happy

5. COSTERFIELD MINING REMNANCE 309km, 3.57hrs min – On L along Heathcote-Nagambie rd, just after Heathcote-Nagambie rd X Ward lane

We are always on the lookout for interesting things to photograph while travelling between locations. As we were now in the old mining area we were on the hunt for some old relics. Chewton is the cutest old town with some gorgeous old buildings. And we found ourselves some Costerfield mining relics

6. CHINAMANS BRIDGE 34km 23min

Stayed the night at Chinamans bridge, just outside Nagambie, pets, swimming, brilliant rickety old bridge. One of Victoria’s oldest surviving timber road bridges. Still crossable on foot if you are careful 

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