Rainy Day Delights and licorice ice cream

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY TEN

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Jan Juc Beach to Timboon (203km, 3.23hrs)


Was saddened to return here, the once koala-laden trees now stand dead, twisted and almost haunting. This was once (may still be) the greatest population of Koalas in Australia. The large population had meant over-browsing of Manna Gums, killing the trees and starving out a large number of the koalas. DELWP will continue to manage the koala population through ongoing fertility control, health checks and translocation programs as required.

Still, an absolutely brilliant location to visit. It is Victoria’s oldest working lighthouse. During winter to spring, the lighthouse is a vantage point for land-based whale watching as migrating whales swim very close to the shores. You are also able to go up into the lighthouse


Next destination with the mostest, is the classic tourist spot, the Great Ocean Road. Don’t do what we did and put in the first stop like Gibson Steps, as the GPS will take you along the back roads, and you will miss that classic ocean road experience. We ended up backtracking.

Please note that even in winter this is a very busy location, and every time we have been here it has been freezing, windy and raining. Pulling over with a big rig can be tricky and very luck of the draw… I would not even try in summer.

Visited the twelve apostles and Gibson’s steps as the sun was going down and rain was setting in. We stayed close by and got up for some early morning shots to get a better chance of photos without crowds. Low tide is best for the steps or you can’t get around the cliff face like us. If you can’t get away from people, make them a feature of your composition. eg use their position to draw the eye, 

3. GIBSON STEPS to 12 APOSTLES 1km 2min. heaps of parking via Booringa rd

4. TWELVE APOSTLES to TIMBOON  27.3km 23min Timboon Recreation Reserve Curdies Rd, Timboon VIC 3268

Timboon was a great little town with a lot going for it. We stopped in at the brilliant Fine Icecreamery on the way to the reserve. LR tried liquorice ice cream haha good on her.

We stayed at the Timboon Recreation Reserve, which was nothing special except for its proximity to the GOR.

NEXT: Rugged cliffs and pastel sunrise,  plus old Mining Remnants