Floating Bridge, Blow Hole, and picturesque Coastal Villages

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY THREE

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Helensburgh to Termeil Point camp (193km, 3.5hrs)

HELENSBURGH to KIAMA (73.5km 53min)

1. TRAIN TUNNEL BY DAYLIGHT Early morning took us back to the tunnel again, but this time to focus on the tunnel more than the glow worms. Really quite a nice tunnel with some rail tracks still intact. The lush green of the exterior contrasted nicely with the damp darkness of its interior. 

old train tunnel in New South Wales

2. SEA CLIFFE BRIDGE (11.6km 15min) Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Clifton NSW 

With numb fingers (yes, and we are not even at the snow yet), we were on the road again. Twisting through the mountains of tall trees, protruding rocky outcrops, and regular glimpses of the sparkling coastline. With a Greek coastline feel of houses jutting out from the cliff faces and crashing waves, we enter the ocean glide. The smooth gliding was almost surreal as we did not hug the cliff face, but more like hovered beside the coastline. Thoroughly enjoying the Sea Cliffe Bridge.

Only a short distance, but once we reached the end, there was adequate parking for the big rig to return on foot.

Sea Cliff Bridge image

3. KIAMA BLOW HOLE and ROCK POOL (62.3km 1hr) Park for big rig at Fish Market off Stobo Rd

The coastline is famous for so many coastal stops, so we had to do Kiama for some pics at the blow hole and rock pools. The blowhole was pretty regular so you didn’t have to wait around too long to see some action. being winter the pools were just stunning and picture-perfect with just the odd brave swimmer to set it all off.


water spray from Kiama Blow Hole
Black and white Rock Pool photo from a distance

4. KIAMA to ULLADULLA (107km 1.31hrs)

With its seabird life and inlet full of boats, we could not resist a quick stop at the picturesque coastal town of Ulladulla

Bird life on a beach
Ulladulla Harbour

5. ULLADULLA to TERMEIL POINT CAMPGROUND 20.3km 17min – Termeil Point rd, Termeil (Dry weather only)(Via Blackbutt rd L off Hwy)

I love the glow of the gumtree trunks as the sun sinks and is filtered through the forest walls. The green starts to die back after Termeil. But it was here, positioned between the lake and the ocean we found ourselves at the most memorable camp of the trip to that point. The large green ferns at the foot of smooth grey tree trunks made the most gorgeous entryway. Lrg sites but not many, toilets, FREE CAMP except for booking fee. We arrived just as the sun was setting over the lake. Then we crossed the expansive stretch of beach for a glorious sunrise.

Termeil Point campground trees
Termeil Point Campground Lake view

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