Boggy Creek Snow Hut, Epic Snow-covered Lookouts and Ski Village

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 – DAY FIVE

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Orbost to Dinner Plain (211km 2.37hrs)

With an eagerness to finally see the snow we started off early. It was a pretty trip, following along a rocky creek as we wound our way up the mountain. There also seemed to be quite a few free excellent camps pots along the sides of the road. I counted 6 between last night’s camp and Omeo and plenty more after.

We tried to restock with some food at Omeo, but the shelves were bare. Not sure what the locals are eating. Dropped the van off at the Caravan park as the thought of towing it in the snow was not a positive one. And at only a couple of dollars a night, was the best option. Thanks, Omeo caravan park, for allowing us the option.

After almost 2000km of driving with the caravan, It took quite a few Km to get over the feeling that something was missing. After that feeling resolved itself, it was a much more relaxing drive up to Dinner Planes.

1. ORBOST Campto BOGGY CREEK SNOW HUT 197km 2.29hrson Great Alpine Rd,  f

We reached the snow quite early, which meant we could make a pit stop at our first snow hut along the great alpine Rd. The Boggy Creek Hut was built between 1923 and 1925. It is one of 5 refuge huts built for workers and travellers during road construction. 


We even had time to go straight to the top of Mount Hotham before finding our accommodation. Now that is an epic view!

Mount Hotham Lookout


And it just got better. Backtracking down the mountain to the snow-covered buildings in Dinner Plains.  Beautifully designed timber and stone, with a kind of storybook style. Different levels with huge windows to take in the snowy spender from the snug warmth of the inside. The white of the snow was disturbed by the bursts of twisting, colourful snow gums scattered around the place. Balconies and rooves still ladened with snow with the perfect blue sky backdrop.

The upper branches of the snow gums were covered with light green moss, like nature’s attempt at a winter coat. Walking anywhere left you up to your knees in the snow with each step, but we still managed to build the perfect snowman… until the crow stole his nose, haha

Dinner Plain is just far enough away to escape the crazy busy of Mount Hotham, but still close enough to enjoy the best of both locations.

We stayed with Wyndham Resorts and I could not recommend them more highly. Quality, cleanliness, a spa, on-site dining, and spacious accommodations.

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