Crocks, Cassowaries, and where the rainforest meets the ocean

Heading North for winter - 8

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation

I attempted a sunrise shoot early the next morning as such is my holiday ritual, however, I have to say a little disappointed. At least this means I can sleep in for the rest of the trip and mark top end sunrises as duds at this time of year. Please let me know if you have experienced otherwise?

Beach Sunrise
Port Douglas Beach Sunrise

A day trip to the Daintree from Port Douglas was the decision and crocs were on top of the list. We chose the solar electric boat so we can sneak up and surprise them while they are sunbaking…nothing like a startled croc to make you feel alive ha ha. However, it also meant a smaller boat, getting up close and personal they say…. not so sure of our decision as the boat lunges to one side as most move in for a closer look. I say most because that’s what the zoom is for, and I can do the math.

When you think of crocs, snuggling a cuteness is not what comes to mind but the two baby crocs spooning in the cold morning is just too cute.

After scanning every creek crossing on the way up this was the actual real solid sighting so Crocs, tick. Next the Cassowary, so you would assume this to also be a nature observation challenge so what happened was a bit bizarre. Rocked up for a bit more Daintree rainforest exploration (Jindalba Boardwalk)and there standing at the beginning of the boardwalk is a beautiful specimen….tick! we still did the walk but hay.

Daintree walk tree Fern
Daintree walk tree Fern

All the challenge had been taken out of the rainforest exploration as all the trails we did ended up being boardwalks. Yet still we found ourselves in moments of awe, sky-high rich green ferns layer the rooftop and high standing mangroves and plants on stilts. Travelling along the Cape Tribulation road the glimpses of glistening aqua ocean draw us to the beachside. Enormous trunks overlayed with ferns and Staghorns arching over the sandy beaches. Cape tribulation beaches are like no other, beach, rainforest, rock, sand, aqua water and sun-drenched.

Mangrove Tree on the beach
Mangrove Tree on Cape Tribulation beach
Cape tribulation Beach tree
Cape tribulation Beach

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Get Daintree map

Crocodile Express river cruise (2 for one price) Fam $65

10% discount for online bookings

From Daintree village

(check-in at Daintree Tourist Information Centre in Daintree Village)

9.45, 11,12.30,2,3.30

free return pass from ferry crossing

  • Alexandra Range lookout
  1. Daintree Discovery Centre
  2. Ice-cream factories (Look for this sign 14km north of the Daintree Ferry on LEFT)
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  1. Jindalba boardwalk
  • Dubuji Boardwalk

Walk Highlights

  • Distance: 1.2 km
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Location: Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation
  • Facilities: toilets at carpark, camping nearby, cafe and pharmacy nearby
  • Getting There: Follow Daintree Cape Tribulation Rd north from Daintree for about one hour
  • Highlights: brilliant flowering palms, rainforest just metres from the Coral Sea and Myall Beach, fruit bats

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  1. Back to Ramada- feed big fish and fish and chips at

in Port Douglas is feed George the Giant Groper! He is a well-known tropical fish that weighs a whopping 250 kilograms and traverses the waters outside On the Inlet – a lovely seafood restaurant. Stop by at 5pm any day of the week to meet George and fling him a treat!

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