The Ghost of Johnny Chinaman

Heading North for Winter - 2

Lillyvale Waterhole

The morning was a whole other story, with fire embers well and truly snuffed the 2 degrees created some morning stiffness (not a term usually acquainted with the female species) and certainly not a pleasant sensation. I greeted the morning sunrise as a bright red monk worshipping the light show, surrounded by the cold mist as it rose from the lagoon. The neighbouring campers will just have to accept my bright red hoody dressing gown.


Escaping to the warm car we headed for the sun, with a pit stop at Rolleston. A pleasant enough spot with a few historic huts in the park, and a warm smile from the local pop up coffee van. LR managed to burn her tongue on her first hot chocolate in a year (yes you were right ladies, your thermometer was not working correctly)

The window scenery from here is of grassy planes and scattered trees on a gentle rise and fall of land. We arrived at our next camp in mild anticipation and slightly hesitant…Lilyvale Waterhole, the home of Johnny Chinaman.


“The Lilyvale Waterhole was said to be haunted by a ghost who uttered blood-curdling shrieks. The story told was that Johnny Chinaman carted water from the waterhole and, as the banks were high and steep, backed the cart against a certain stump to hold it whilst he filled his buckets. One day he missed the stump and with a dreadful yell, horse, cart and Chinaman vanished into the waterhole which at the time was over thirty feet deep. Though this story cannot be verified, records show that on 14th October 1870, Johnny (Chinaman) was drowned in Lilyvale Waterhole.”

The campsite was a large clearing that allowed you to go for a little wonder, and the hard to access lagoon, but not much more than that….there is Johnny’s gravesite

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Wyseby rd, Rewan Wiki-river

L onto Warrego HWY
R onto Carnarvon Hwy (At Roma)
L Wyseby rd, Rewan


Lilyvale rd, lilyvale Wiki for directions: River, birds, bins, reception, water, large area

L onto Gregory Hwy
R onto Lilyvale Rd (after Emerald)


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