Heading North for Winter 2016

Heading North for the winter

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route

The Below map is for reference guide only with interactive info on locations along the route.

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Join us as we head north to thaw the toes and try to not get eaten in the process

Dayboro to Judds Lagoon (466km 6.40hr)

1.DAYBORO to JUMBOUR HOUSE (260km 3.40hr) 86 Jimbour Station Rd, Jimbour QLD

It was with twisted branches, scattered leaves and mysterious flying objects that we left our home town for an Australian iconic piece of paradise. Strangely, the wild and windy night left our path clear, so taking that as a sign we headed off.

The countryside is simple and somewhat barren in places as our journey starts, but yet still holds a beauty all of its own; Gentle hills and grassy planes with select tree cover. The road we have chosen does not allow for loose luggage, but an ok sacrifice for having the road to ourselves. Large bellied bottle trees stand pronounced and stately at regular intervals but are nothing on what we discovered next.

First stop and reward for our travel so far was a visit to the gorgeous Jimbour homestead (built in 1876), a grand historical sandstone mansion nestled between enormous fig trees on a garden oasis. http://jimbour.com/

As wonderful I am sure is the “Living history Walk” may have been, the breeze in late June had your nipples aching and had us jogging through the tree-lined stretch to the protective walls of the Jimbour gardens. The entry opened like a warm hug and as we stepped within, it was as if we were (ready for the cliché’) in another world. The lush green manicured hedges and lawns contrasting dramatically with the surrounding vast baron dried off, browned landscape. I could see weddings and grand balls were people fly in from miles around (has its own private airstrip as you do)


All the decorative gardens with their covered pathways, hedges, water features and huge urns were magical but it was the courtyard flanked by the Bluestone Building that I loved, even more so than the main building (if we had been allowed a tour through the main house that opinion may have changed).

The kid’s favourite space was the naturally flowing herb and veggie garden (strangely LR was getting inspiration for our patch while B was mapping out exploration trails for a game he was designing lol)

2. JUMBOUR STATION to JUDDS LAGOON (206km 3hrs) Located 5 klms from Yuleba on the Moongool Road.Camp fire, swim, boat, water, toilets, FREE CAMP

Back on the road, I make a few observations:

With a wink; common courtesy on the outback roads.
Driving a turbo-injected V8 we tend to sit on the road speed limits relatively easily. But for some reason when someone sees a van, they just got to, GOT to pass and hence obviously not travelling at the speed limit….but of course it’s us with the caravans that are the dangerous ones. And for those times when it’s not safe to travel at speed with a caravan, for our safety and that of the speeders we tend to pull slightly to the side, slow and signal when it is safe to pass (Which I hate as my time schedule is totally put out haha)

I have noticed some new road etiquette in my travels, such as the wink; flash from left to write to say thanks as the truckers go by. Another one that I will be honest am struggling a little with; the “finger raise” to every passing caravan on the road, like some secret cult signal….we know…

Ps get ready! We are taking over…from the look of how many caravans we come across in our short 2 week trip….we already outnumber trucks on the roads.

A dirty little sucker
is the name I give to the Warrego Hwy, bottles, plastic and paper scattered on either side of the road like some exotic weed. I still can’t grasp the mindset of people to open the window and toss????? The eloquent word “Tosser” comes to mind.

My grumbling attack subsided by the time the picture-perfect waters of Judd’s Lagoon came into view. A clean, tidy, large classic bush camp area with the coolest welcome guide ever. A rather short squat dude waddled up to every new arrival, perhaps a lonely life but it doesn’t need to be said from his girth that he is not lacking in food lol quack!


Breathing in the fresh country air (with a slight choke on campfire smoke) we become almost mesmerized by the fireplace, with a glass of wine and a touch of vodka. As the sun fell the 5 friends snuggling for warmth in branches above should have indicated to us of the night to come (really got to get a better zoom).