Back road adventure, great free camp close to home and some star shot experiments.

Queensland Spring Roadtrip day 6

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route

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Coominglah Range rest area to Kinbombi Falls (277km 3.09hr)

1. COOMINGLAH RANGE to BICENTENNIAL PARK (129km 1.27hr) Mundubbera QLD 

A great rest stop with picnic facilities, Public Toilets, sheltered Picnic Tables, Barbecues, Playground, Exercise Park, monuments, a drinking fountain, and stunning river views. We did the beautiful walk along the river and found quite a lot of water birds and kookaburras.

2. BICENTENNIAL PARK to KINBOMBI FALLS (148km 1.42hr) Kinbombi Rd, Kinbombi

Now, this is one of my favourite FREE CAMPs. Shaded camp spot with fireplace and some with tables. 3 sets of concrete stairs, 1 to the basin of the gorge, 2 to the amazing viewing platform over the gorge, 3 to the swimming hole and water fall.100m each but steep. Three ways to enjoy this experience.

One climbs down the main stairs (note: Lots of steep stairs) to the bottom of the waterfall for a great very cool swim, and then climbs back up the same steps. (see turtles swimming every time I visit)



The second involves climbing down the same steps but then walking and scrambling along the stunning gorge and creek until you can not walk without walking through the water just before this on the left you will find a rough path leading to steps back up to the top. There is usually enough water for a shallow swim along this stretch as well.

And the third is a walk to the lookout over the gorge in the middle and the leased 

Kinbombi Falls
rock pools at Kinbombi Falls


Day 7 From here, its roughly 3hrs to Brisbane and home.

We took the back roads continuing along the Kinbombi Rd & Kilcoy Murgon Rd (some dirt roads) 205km 3.05hr