Queensland Spring Day 5

EMU PARK to Coominglah Range

What are you willing to do to get a great photo? up before sunrise in an unknown territory. The ocean pebbles crunched and clanked as I awkwardly stumbled in the dark, as close to the receded tied edge as I dared. After checking out a few locations by lining up the shadows as best as possible I steadied my tripod in amongst the rocks and waited in complete silence, with only a hint of daylight evident. The thoughts of crocodiles began to enter my thoughts…it now seemed even darker, alone, at the ocean edge, in the middle of nowhere….but I have got to get the sunrise, its sure to be brilliant. Now half asleep from waiting for a sun that seems to be taking forever, I bend to adjust the camera angle one more time…Crack, crunch, clunk…….bloody LR now stands behind me with her camera in hand. “Why didn’t you wake me mum?” Totally oblivious of the large throbbing chunk of my heart now lodged firmly in my throat. I have no idea how she got so close without me noticing, but it was a beautiful sunrise and didn’t see a single crock.


Grand and blinding crisp white versus chunky and bold, two dramatic statements adorn the Main park area at the ocean forefront, the Singing Ship and old fisherman’s wharf. I love the chunky, rugged nature of the wharf over the Sculpture, but it certainly has a great presence on the cliff top.

OceanstairsEmuParkBW SingingShip

As we packed and readied our van for our next adventure another near miss was brought to our attention…the tides overnight. Apparently we had almost water frontage as we slept so peacefully but all is good we even have time for a little wildlife rescue. LR the master frog rescuer made sure her hands were wet before relocating this little cutie. I am still amazed at how people can become terrified of such gentle creatures.


We took the beautiful coastal road before heading out bush to the historical Mount Morgan Railway Museum. Step back in time and experience how life and travel used to be. Through audio-visual displays and 3D presentation, experience travel of the past and feel what it was like aboard the old ‘rack’ system, hauling trains up the steep inclines of the Razorback in the 1800s. Ride on the Fettler’s Trolley or see the 3D screening of the history of the Rack railway in one of the historic carriages.

Morgon Rail

Make sure you visit the bathroom witch comes with a unique historical piece that you are sure to never find in a toilet anywhere else.

The carriages on display are as gorgeous as can be expected with this much history, a real treat for any photographer.


Spent a stormy night at Coominglah Range rest area. Was pretty uneventful but if you were willing to unhook you could go and checkout the lookout.


85km (1hr40min)Mount Morgan Railway (from Yeppoon stop)
R onto Scenic Hwy, Yeppoon Rd
L onto Burnett Hwy

1 Railway Parade
Mount Morgan
Open 9 am to 4 pm daily
Phone | 07 4938 2312
Email | mmrm@rrc.qld.gov.au

180km (2h40min)Coominglah Range rest area
Cont. on Burnett Hwy
On R follow dirt track
Take the exit top of the range indicated with sign saying “Lookout”.(lookout not suitable for caravan)

Fire pit, shade away from road

Next: Back road adventure, great free camp close to home and some star shot experiments.


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