A Queensland Spring Day 3


Unusual friends, Fire Flies and endless beaches. As day broke, I snuck out by myself (becoming the usual routine to get a little bit of quiet and experience nature to its fullest). I found a Kingfisher with a few unusual friends, fluffy chooks perched in the trees by his side, and feeling quite at home. A bit of domestic and wildlife living together well.

Blue king fisher photograph
King Fisher photo taken at Faulkner park QLD

We had the spot to ourselves overnight which is unusual these days, but the challenge to find the place may have a little to do with it. We left it as we found it….spotless.

photo of Kolan River
Kolan river at Faulkner Park

Canoe Point was our next pit stop and goes from shady green parklands to vast beaches, almost barren in its expanse if not for all the water. The beach spreads forever to the sea, a brilliant place to explore and take photos. Driftwood, coloured rocks, sandy beach ripples and trapped waters sparkling like Jewells.

driftwood on Tannum Sands Photo
Soft blue hues of a cloudy Tannum Sands day compliment the stark white driftwood

Could have played here for ever but no overnight stops, bummer, but the river stop we drove onto did not disappoint. After touring the towering coal mines, we found an awesome spot right on the river.

Rockhampton river Campsite
Rockhampton river Campsite

We spent the rest of the day exploring the rocky creek beds and river pathways.

Under the bridge at Rockhampton Camp site
Under the bridge at Rockhampton Camp site

Couldn’t convince the kids to go in too cold (our heated pool has a lot to answer for) but settled for games and a bit of damper by the fireplace. We spotted our first fireflies, how amazing are they.


149km(2.15hr)from Faulkner Park to Canoe Point Botanic Reserve
R onto Bruce Hwy
R onto Tannum Sands rd
onto Hamptom Drive
R Booth ave
L Caledon st
Canoe point rd, continue till parking on bend

29.3km(45min) from Canoe pt to Calliope River Rest Area, beside river 23 57 49s 151 09 11e
R ont Bruce Hwy via Boyne Island rd
L onto Old Bruce Hwy, continue up to old bridge. Can go on other side as well

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