A mysterious regrowth wonderland and the majestic wedge-tailed Eagle

Queensland Spring Day 2

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Murgon to BOYNEDALE BUSH CAMP (406.8km 4.54hr)

1. MURGON to MYSTERIOUS REGROWTH  ( 114km 1.18hr) Bin Bin Creek Mingo QLD 4625, just nth of Gaynda-Mount Perry Rd x Mount Steadman Rd intersection





Back roads are the golden roads to discovery, and driving these roads to Mount Perry lookout found us at a mysterious regrowth wonderland. The plant life emerging after flooding was of soft green textured mounds, which gave beauty to the lifeless naked tree trunks it surrounded. These plants extended the full length of the flood zone creating a magical backdrop to the dead trees. We walked what was left of the road, winding through the naked trunks with branched-like slender fingers reaching. If not for their soft grey smoothness, pastel surrounds and soft lighting it could have been like some classic haunted nightmarish movie scene



The kids were left adequately in awe, as we moved on from the area. But the play was not yet finished, as this is also an area where we once again come across the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle. An image that always takes centre stage to the surroundings. The great creature left its feast at the side of the road (fortunately the focus was on the bird and not the gruesome offering left behind) and rested in a nearby tree. Just as I was about to give up on my feeble attempt to sneak closer, it launched, in all its breathtaking beauty. And I got it!!! thankyou new camera and your high-speed shutter release. (Sigh… update: After nearly 8years and several computer crash’s they have disappeared into the obis. I have one print left of the image below and that’s it! )


A Demanding Presence by Visual Image

2. BIN BIN CREEK to SCHUH LOOKOUT REST AREA (34.3km 26min) R onto Schuhs Road off the Monto Mount Perry Road at the top of the range from Murgon

The Schuh lookout was our next stop and itself was somewhat disappointing for photographs after the events of the morning, but still a great rest spot. I don’t know what it is about designated lookouts but I am yet to be wowed and seem to always leave a little disappointed. I don’t know if it’s the structured layout and the “this is where you look” or the fact that it’s largely the same view from the top of every mountain…trees and hills in the distance, and farmhouses you just can’t quite see??? But if your into the uplifting feeling of being on top of the world, every Lookout is worth it

3. SCHUH LOOKOUT to BOOLBOONDA TUNNEL (24.6km 20min) 175 Tunnel Rd, Boolboonda QLD 4671

Nothing like the smell of cow paddies to make you feel at home, our next detour had us opening gates and crossing cow paddocks. All bobbly cow eyes were transfixed on us, following us like some cartoon skit. Have you noticed that every cow (Ok Cattle) has to look… it’s like they can’t resist…I must not look..I muuust not look….dammit, I have tooo….mooo.

The Boolboonda Tunnel is heritage listed (1883) and the longest unsupported tunnel in Queensland, at 192m through rock. The age and unsupported bit had us a little nervous to drag the caravan through, so we walked it first. This may have seemed a good idea at first, but as we hit pitch black, the screech of bats sent a shiver down my spine


Boolboonda Tunnel image


BOOLBOONDA TUNNEL to MYSTERY CRATERS (56.9km 41min)15 Lines Road South Kolan, Bundaberg Area

But the day is not over yet, just outside of Bundaberg lies a truly questionable landmark, geological, alien or prehistoric in nature, no one really knows. Since the discovery of the Mystery Craters  in 1971, the origins of the 35 oddly shaped craters have remained the subject of controversy


crater Photo


4. MYSTERY CRATERS to FAULKNER PARK (27km 24min) Smiths Crossing Rd, near 310 Smiths Crossing RD. Drive past the driveway and head for the creek

Our night stop was a little hard to find but well worth the hunt and a little backtracking. This spot beside Yandaran Creek was well kept, beautiful and quiet, Except for the few geese and the odd peacock running around (he sounded a lot like the bird in the movie “Up”).

We had our usual fire pit for dinner and I think due to the difficulty to find the spot we had the place to ourselves, yay.

We had the spot to ourselves overnight which is unusual these days, but the challenge to find the place may have a little to do with it. We left it as we found it….spotless. still a great rest/picnic stop ***Update no longer marked as a free camp. An alternate FREE camp spot is BOYNEDALE BUSH CAMP Bush Camp Road, Boynedale. More Details in the Roadtrip Printable itinerary*** 

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