A Queensland Spring Day 3

beach scene in black and white

FAULKNER PARK to ROCKHAMPTON Unusual friends, Fire Flies and endless beaches. As day broke, I snuck out by myself (becoming the usual routine to get a little bit of quiet and experience nature to its fullest). I found a Kingfisher with a few unusual friends, fluffy chooks perched in the trees by his side, and feeling quite … Read more A Queensland Spring Day 3

Queensland Spring Day 2

photo of Wedged Tailed Eagle

A mysterious regrowth wonderland Murgon to Faulkner Park Back roads are the golden roads to discovery, and driving these roads to Mount Perry lookout found us at a mysterious regrowth wonderland. The plant life emerging after flooding was of soft green textured mounds, which gave beauty to the lifeless naked tree trunks it surrounded. These plants extended … Read more Queensland Spring Day 2