Flowering forests, dark caves, ocean sunrises and soaring eagles are just a touch on spring in Queensland

A Taste of Queensland- 7 day camping roadtrip

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Brisbane to Murgon via Dayboro (272km 3.20hr)

1. BRISBANE TO WOOROOLIN (244km 3hr) Wooroolin Rest Area – Bunya Hwy on R Before Frederick st (across from pub) 

Only a short distance from Brisbane along the Bunya Hwy lies a hidden wetland, full of birds and graceful Gums. To fully appreciate resident and migratory fauna get up close and personal on the mud flats, sit silent in the bird viewing hut or view from the banks and two walking trails, Wooroolin Wetlands has you covered . Over 25 different birds have been sighted including nankeen kestrels, striated pardalotes and golden-headed cisticola.


Water birds on the Wooroolin wetlands
Wooroolin Wetland wildlife

I confess to not actually being able to find the walking trails or hut (little legs were getting too tied to keep investigating) and found ourselves gingerly walking through high grass to get to the water’s edge and navigating our way along there.

To get closer to the wetland and birdlife at a less trodden angle, I  left the kids behind and followed an overgrown animal path in snake territory, and tiptoed through the boundary of some neighbouring farming land(cringing at the thought of a shotgun coming out). Still didn’t get quite close enough (need to invest in bigger lenses)

I try not to go onto private property for obvious reasons, but sometimes the anticipation and hunt for a great shot gets the better of me, and if it’s only a few steps on a remote property….. Madam LR tends to be my restraint (ball and chain at times)for these situations as she is clearly a black-and-white girl, if there is a possibility of getting into trouble….we ain’t going!  It’s just simply not feasible to meet and greet every person for access on a fast-moving trip, especially when there is no guarantee of a good shot. It’s not like I am sneaking into someone’s backyard and looking in windows, we are talking vast farming rural properties, and sometimes I wouldn’t even know where to start to look for an owner. That being said, I always recommend knocking on doors as this may get you excess to a great many more possibilities that you would get sneaking around (and more chance of recovering your body)

There is a cool old Shed with great possibilities for any budding photographers, but I did not get a chance to fully explore.

Black & white photo of large old shed
Old Shed near Wooroolin Wetlands

Wetland access is from behind the pub 

tall trees in the wooroolan Wetlands
Wooroolan Wetland tree scape

2. FOREST OF FLOWERING TREES (850m 1min) Spring flowering Paulownia tree plantation on L cnr Woods rd and Bunya Hwy

Only stopping for lunch, we pushed on a little bit further to find a plantation just outside of Wooroolin that literally made us stop in our tracks. Row upon row of Paulownia soft mauve-covered trees, prominent against the cloud-covered sky.

For centuries, the Chinese have grown Paulownia, also known as Empress and Sapphire trees for beauty and for highly-prized timber. In Japan when a girl child is born, they plant a Paulownia tree for her and when she marries they build her wedding chest from the tree. They also believe that the tree should be planted next to the house so that the Phoenix would come to protect them and bring good luck. The Paulownia tree is meant to bring good luck.

Wooroolan Spring 2014

Paulownia tree rows in bloom
Flowering Paulownia tree rows near Wooroolin

Most people think that travelling on overcast days can seem disappointing, gloomy and dull, but being out in nature on overcast days makes the colours pop. While direct light can wash out those bright colours.

Thistle flower
Thistle flower

3. WOOROOLIN to MURGON (28.1km 35min)– 3 Krebs St, Murgon

We stayed the night at a well-kept free camp spot in Murgon. The town’s name comes from an aboriginal word meaning ‘lily pond’ and is located in the South Burnett region of Southeast Queensland….a beautiful rural area of Australia

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