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New Zealand Winter trip DAY SIX

Involuntary squeals and giggles erupting as the realization and fear of possibly falling out took over, as we hung out the back of the car on the slow climb up the mountain . The regular stops along the way revealed the remains of some brilliant stone buildings, and the harsh reality of living in such a time was very apparent, and equally moving.

Its wonderful exploring with the family, seeing different reactions to the same experiences. It’s the only way to get a well-rounded view of an area. But it can also be a little restrictive as everyone’s needs have to be taken into consideration. After waiting around for people to finish sliding down the mountainside on previous days, today was my day, as we headed for some  mining ruins in Bendigo.

Bendigo New Zealand
Bendigo New Zealand

Everyone was enthusiastically taking photos along side of me, except H as he undertook the task of ensuring the car battery did not die (the dramas of a rental car lol). Though, I was quite impressed with our car choice. I was a little nervous leaving the comfort of our Sahara for a 10yr old Mazda, but the ride was quite comfortable. Tip for the day: Go Diesel, petrol was a whopping $2.50/L

We got back with plenty of time for LR and I to go for a pushbike ride (B settled back down in front of his TV…it’s his holiday as well I guess) I have truly fallen in love with Wanaka, the trails around the lake seem as endless as its beauty. The trees line the lakeside with a strong presence, and silhouette against the silver lake on dusk. I can only imagine the glory of it in full autumn colour (actually the flats walls displayed images of just that).

Lake Wanaka 2015
Lake Wanaka 2015
Lake Wanaka

New Zealand Winter trip DAY SEVEN

We rounded up the trip in Lord of the rings style with a bit of archery. H and I have been itching to trial a bit of gun shooting at a range but thought better of it. With the amount of near strip searches at the airport, we thought gun powder residue would be pushing it a little.

B was working the hoody masterfully, even with a little Robin Hood style. LR was pretty on the ball as well, taking out top score including a bullseye or two. Me well…let’s just say…hmm what can I say, there was something wrong with my bow…the shoulders were to sore….he he. But we all had fun and may have found a new sport for B.

A great way to finish off a fantastic holiday. The only drama we had on our way back was locating the car on the other end…..


Bendigo (1hr) from Wanaka(Via Luggate-Tarras Rd). From the town of Bendigo, a narrow unsealed road winds up into the hills
Here dozens of crumbling stone cottages and huts can be seen around the hillsides for the deserted gold towns of Logantown and Welshtown.
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