Stepping into another realm, not so far from home DAY FOUR

New Zealand Winter trip DAY FOUR

We land at the snow field for our second day skiing, and all ready to go……B where is your scarf and snow jacket???? You got to love rentals. I know, I know, he is only 8, but coooome on!

good breaks at Cardrona car park
good breaks at Cardrona car park

Eventually B arrived at the ski lessons grinning with anticipation (after all his sister had so much fun, and it looks so easy….) an hour in he was turning blue and the terror in his eyes said it all. Three cheers for B for at least giving it a go, especially when the sun had disappeared and snowflakes had begun to fall. Even LR came off the slopes in a slightly frozen state that day (still grinning) I guess it’s not for everyone.

beginners learning mat, nice gentle slope with an impressive back drop
beginners learning mat, nice gentle slope with an impressive back drop

Observation of the day: don’t expect to have long meaningful conversations when spending hours on end in the snow, your lips go numb and forming legible words becomes a challenge and quite entertaining in itself. I think by now you may be realising that I personally are not much of a snow bunny. In fact I was more of a Michelin man with so many layers that I kind of did an unattractive waddle across the slopes to take photos lol. 

Cardrona Lift silhouette
Cardrona Lift silhouette

We made it down the mountain before the weather really turned bad and this gave us plenty of time for Puzzle World! Brilliant, B was hooked and wanted to go back for more, however I came out of the illusions section slightly nauseous and disorientated (lucky H sat this one out or we would have had to pick him up off the floor lol) but fun just the same.


The maze was hilarious as people trapped in the walls raced to make it to the exit the rain broke (it was only light rain so no real drama) You could hear frustrated giggly moans, and outbursts of laughter from every corner, as grown-ups come to terms with their inadequacies in this child hood game. The 3D maze is 1.5km long, but it can takes between 3 and 5km of walking to finish. So great fun with a little bit of fitness on the side. There were exit hints and doors for emergencies but I don’t think anyone cheated as everyone seemed to be having so much fun.


Bradrona – Fence Opposite Cardrona Entrance off Cardrona Valley Rd
Puzzle World – 188 Wanaka-Luggate Hwy (Hwy 84), Wanaka 9382

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