Stepping into another realm, not so far from home

A snapshot of a New Zealand winter, its beauty, history, and cold bits. A place of rugged mountains, epic lakes and waterfalls on every turn.

Contrasts New Zealand 2015
New Zealand Mountain tops encapsulating the classic fire and Ice cliché at its most beautiful


New Zealand Winter trip DAY ONE

From beneath the warm cacoon of my blanket I glanced out ……still dark, the clock says 59min, sweet I can snooze for another hour……longest hour ever….check the clock again, shit! It was 59min past midnight, god I am useless without my glasses.

Needless to say, by the time we reached the airport the kids were bubbly and I felt like I had lead weights tied to each ankle. But the smile, that was still plastered on my face like some crazed loony. I think it’s been there since I decided to not turn the computer on Saturday morning….loving holiday time, here we come New Zealand.

H was practically strip searched on entry (slight exaggeration) must remember to wash him more, or at least his cloths from the farm prior to international travel.

Air New Zealand ( entertainment meant that flight time went in a blink….until the last few minutes anyway. We were introduced to the New Zealand winter winds with a slightly bumpy entry. As usual B and I were left a little fragile (B making a good first contact on foreign soil, well the tarmac) as the other two laughed it off.

We were warned about the wind that cut threw like icy blades, but it was the majestic mountains that took out breath away. The airport was flanked by magnificent towering walls of snow toped mountains, a fantastic first impression.

Airport New Zealand 2015
Majestic mountains behind the Queenstown Airport
Air New Zealand Plane
Air newZealand

Grateful not to be towing our caravan on this trip as we navigated our way through the narrow streets of Queenstown. I am not sure if it’s due to the confines of the mountains or the Maori’s are a lot smaller than they appear on TV, but all the buildings seem almost on top of each other, but in a gorgeous snow village kind of way.

Rounding the bend though, all thoughts of our modest little van disappeared as the Heritage Queenstown ( came into view. A grand entrance with an old worldly feel. Slate and timber with regal furnishings, stylish décor and the beds…..oh my. The most comfortable beds I have ever slept in, like floating on clouds and a warm hug at the same time.

Heritage Queenstown New Zealand2015
Hotel pool gym and spa area


Air New Zealand, Brisbane to Queenstown (south Island) 3hr 30min
Heritage Queenstown hotel: 91 Fernhill Road 20min from airport



NEXT:  Day two, Finding Paradise


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