Anzac Journey 2015, Where Two Realities Collide Day THREE

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Oakey Fly in shots and the beautiful Lake Cressbrook

LR Van
its morning
Cressbrook Lake Sunrise
Sunrise at Cressbrook lake

Its morning and the thoughts of the day before still linger. The overpowering Catalina Bomber. She seemed almost in slow motion, but on touchdown her presence was overwhelming and almost haunting.

Catalina FlyIn
You can imagine how intimidating this black beast would have been appearing from amongst the clouds
The Beautiful Black Catalina
The Felix was not original on the plans according to Jeff, all black and menacing
Catalina Gun
The guns presence brings the reality to the Catalina.
War Planes BW
The Yaw aircrafts put on an impressive show

Lets hope these are the only fighting most of us get to witness, Roo’s hav’in a blue

Roo Dance
Doing battle next to the campsite at Lake Cressbrook

A warm gaze, the kangaroos so close that you can do nothing but stop and look.

AWarm Gaze Lake Cressbrook
Kangaroos at lake Cressbrook

Lake Cressbrook would have to be the neatest and most well kept lake I have been to. So accessible, great camp spots and numerous walking tracks at a slasher width. The day spot even has sandy volleyball net, BBQ’s and bubblers

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