Anzac Journey 2015, Where Two Realities Collide.

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Bowenville to Oakey, when reality touches the soul(30km 25 min)

The sun peeking through old gum trees greeted us as we made our way to the Australian Army Flying Museum Oakey.

River Gum Dance
Morning sunlight at Bowenville campsight

Smiles were wide as very friendly army folk greeted us, and then treated to the most informative and entertaining guided walk through the museum. The gentleman had B totally enthralled for the hour or so walk through the history, mechanics, legends, aerodynamics and the beauty of everything flying.

Bomber Oakey2015
Out door display of large war planes at the Oakey Army Flying museum
Plane Engine and wing
Close up of one of the out door exhibition planes

LR and I were distracted by the swanky new fighter choppers parked outside along with their pilots.

Fighter Chopper BW
New army fighter choppers and pilot

Small planes flew in at intervals, but it was the big Catalina that we all awaited. I sat, camera propped, totally focused on getting a shot before it lands and is obscured by the hoards that joined me. The gentleman to my left leaned over and whispered…..I’ve done some 2000 hours in one of those, and as I met the glint in his eyes my breath was caught in my throat. A tear builds in the corner of my eye.

97 year old Jeff 2015
Jeff is a 97 year old war veteran who spent 2000hrs as a gunner on the Catalina

There I was watching a WWII fighter plane land while sitting next to a 97-year-old gentleman that flew in the same aircraft during the war. The importance of the actual plane dwindled into the background as Jeff become my focal point.

Catalina Gun Bubble
This was where the gunners sat

There were more planes to land on Sunday but for me, the moment was had.

Soft rain was dulling our hopes for a campfire, but as the satin deep blue came into view the necessity was no longer there. The designated caravan spots were all taken up by tenters, but that just meant we got to park right up close to a field of kangaroos, with a brilliant view of the dam. The rain disappeared enough for our campfire.

Lake Cressbrook 2015
The most immaculate lake I have come across to date, Lake Cressbrook

AUSTRALIAN ARMY FLYING MUSEUM: R Warrego Hwy, L onto Bridge St, L over railway, R Davidson St, Beale St, R Corfe, L Museum Drive
Open 10am-3pm Wednesday to Sunday, Keep an eye our for the next fly in day.

LAKE CRESSBROOK: Via Oakey-Meringandan Rd, new England Hwy, L Philip and Ravensbourn, R Mount Jokey Rd

NEXT: More Oakey Fly in shots, and roo fights