Anzac journey, Where two realities collide.

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Dayboro to Bowenville Reserve (3.5hr 229km)

A defining quack! interrupts my thoughts, glancing out the bathroom window I spy 4 defiant girls with the “Have you forgotten something” pose going on. So much attitude in such a hilarious package. They will be seriously disappointed, as it being only a short trip they will be confined to their (very spacious I might add) pen. We set off with the Anzac aspect of our journey merely a background thought, as we anticipate our awaiting campsite.

Navigating the back roads through Brisbane is quite an experience in itself when towing a 19.5 foot caravan. Its narrow windy, roundabouts and slow point maze can be a little hair raising when you throw in the odd roadwork’s, burning truck and oversized road trains. Once through the only obstacle is the great dividing range climb at 10%, no dramas.

Our stop over was at a beautiful spacious, but still somewhat busy spot along a river bend. Unfortunately, wether due to incidents or council covering their buts there are “no swim” signs everywhere(a lot of strange things growing from the trees that look much like ropes with sticks attached, LOL). No fire places either, so I gather all the blackened dark circle patches are some geological oddity.

Bowenville Tree
Huge old gum trees by at the Bowenville camp

So, my conclusion of the situation is this….all the prevention signs only manage to stop those most likely to be responsible, and benefit most anyway.

Another camp tip…only leave just so, much space….never attempt to park as far as possible away from other vans, in the hope that LR & B don’t disrupt other campers (the odd ball game, squeals and bouts of  verbal diarrheal).

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and the most unimaginative use of the English/French language is all you get rewarded with. A total of six cars of loud (inebriated by nightfall) young individuals parked, and set up on either side of us hmmmmm and they had such a lovely campfire.

“You go ‘in for a piss love”….”here, take a photo of this….” I didn’t dare look(no Anzac spirit to be found here). Taking night shots on this night was not worth it, but we did manage to get a good sleep as they passed out relatively early and the kids…..they sleep through anything lol.

Orange Smile, pre Anzac experience
LR setting the scene

Via the Gap Creek Rd and Warrego Hwy
L onto Bowenville-Norwin Rd
L into camp just after crossing Oakey Creek

NEXT: We watch the WWII Catalina fly in at Oakey on our Anzac experience

A trip that touches the soul