Anzac Journey 2015, Where Two Realities Collide Day THREE

Oakey Fly in shots and the beautiful Lake Cressbrook Its morning and the thoughts of the day before still linger. The overpowering Catalina Bomber. She seemed almost in slow motion, but on touchdown her presence was overwhelming and almost haunting. Lets hope these are the only fighting most of us get to witness, Roo’s hav’in … Read more

Anzac Journey 2015, Where Two Realities Collide.

Bowenville to Oakey, when reality touches the soul(30km 25 min) The sun peeking through old gum trees greeted us as we made our way to the Australian Army Flying Museum Oakey.     Smiles were wide as very friendly army folk greeted us, and then treated to the most informative and entertaining guided walk through … Read more

Anzac journey, Where two realities collide.

Dayboro to Bowenville Reserve (3.5hr 229km) A defining quack! interrupts my thoughts, glancing out the bathroom window I spy 4 defiant girls with the “Have you forgotten something” pose going on. So much attitude in such a hilarious package. They will be seriously disappointed, as it being only a short trip they will be confined … Read more

Dubbo Express loop, Warrumbungle freaky ass mail boxes DAY FOUR

 DAY FOUR DUBBO TO WARRUMBUMGLE National Park (141km 2.5hr) The skeleton of past glory is slowly disappearing as new growth climbs higher. Now only the blackened fingertips stand above the forest walls, yet the fires destruction is still strongly evident. This limited cover also gives us views of the rocky faces as not seen in … Read more

Dubbo Express loop Day Two

TEXAS TO DUBBO(550km 7.5hr) As the daylight started to edge out of the night, I found the kids in the tightest foetal position on record. Hence the blankets were out from then on.     Tip-toeing around the campsite was somewhat of a novelty with the crunching rocks setting off a domino of growls and … Read more