Blood and beauty in outback shades FINAL DAY

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Carnarvon Gorge to Chinchilla Weir (430km 5.40hr)

As the sun hit the rock faces of the Gorge they lit up like beacons, the early morning hike to view the sunrise was well worth it. The lookout walk starts at the back of the Takarakka Bush Resort and caravan park.

Carnarvon Ridge
Carnarvon National Park Ridge at sunrise


I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful Gorge, the ridges almost beckoned you to stay, even as they grew smaller in the distance on our departure. The fields surrounding our exit also revealed a new bit of Australian wildlife, a bird that had us mesmerised and baffled. How did we not know about this huge bird, it looked positively prehistoric? The Australian Bustard (AKA Bush Turkey) stands at 1.2m high and actually use to be widespread across the mainland, but now only in the northern areas.


Large Australian Bustard Bird from Carnarvon Gorge


Chinchilla Weir  what can I say, Turtles, Water Dragons, Pelicans, Dive birds, snakes, beautiful sunsets over the water and free camping,


Chinchilla Weir glass Sunset
The Pelican Strip at Chinchilla
Pelican Strip Chinchilla Wei


The Diver Strip Chinchilla
Diver bird Strip at Chinchilla weir


Chinchilla Weir Sunset
Chinchilla Weir Sunset
Turtle Abstract Chinchilla
Longneck turtle Farwell at Chinchilla Weir


Again we come to the last stop in our journey 4.5hrs to home but what a way to Finnish. As the long neck turtle says goodbye I hope you can join us again for our next adventure  – Dubbo Express, great sunsets, sandstone caves, behind the scenes at the zoo and another great hot Artesian spa.


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