Crystal clear rocky creeks, Kangaroo’s and beautiful Pretty-Face wallabies everywhere

Blood and beauty in outback shades DAY NINE

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Sapphire to Takarakka Bush Resort (Carnarvon Gorge) (294km 3.5hr)

A surprising flutter of colour by the ear brings new depth to the morning. Wildlife up close and personal as the Rainbow lorikeets type rope the chairs so close you could give them a kiss…we didn’t….we were too busy looking for our cameras lol. We later found out during one of the information talks at Carnarvon Gorge that in Spring there is so much nectar and fermented fruit around that they engorge themselves until the Lorikeets become drunk.  They have been found staggering around, walking into things and falling over. Some guests have gone rushing over to a laying bird thinking it was dead, only to have it stagger to its feet and fly away……


Drunk Lorikeets Sapphire
Rainbow Lorikeets at Sapphire’s Big Bessie Fossicking campgrounds


The drive into the Carnarvon National Park was expectantly beautiful however we were a little distracted by the message left on the phone by the police. With phone reception staggered at the best of times when travelling, it’s not the best thing to find when out of range. Fortunately, it was just the baby calf escaping and of course, it had to be on the only day our housesitter was away. However, the luxury of living in a friendly little town pulls through, though the thought of the policeman on duty chasing a little calf (lowliness are smaller than small as babies) did put an image worth a giggle in my mind. Big thank you.


Pretty-Face Wally
Pretty-Face Wallaby Carnarvon Gorge


First impression …paradise! Crystal clear rocky creeks, Kangaroo’s and beautiful Pretty-Face wallabies everywhere and this was just at the caravan park (Takarakka Bush Resort). The wildlife was pretty much in abundance due to the dry conditions elsewhere; the Carnarvon Gorge was acting like an oasis.


Camp Creek Carnarvon Gorge
Takarakka Bush Resort Creek View


There is a great swimming spot near the campsite which is where we spent the afternoon. The water was surprisingly cool for such a hot day, but I encouragingly coaxed my daughter to swim over to the shallow ledge on the opposite side of the creek(she is the adventurous one). We were just about to get our ahhh on when I felt unfamiliar lips on my buttocks……Lets just say I was on the beach side before I realised that my daughter was still sitting over on the ledge….mother of the year award I know, but I did reassured her it was just a fish!


→wyseby rd entrance,
L to Rewan(oberan rd)
R at intersection (Stay on Obrian rd)

-Baloon Cave walk after set up
-Nature trail walk
-Rockpool walk & swim
⌂ 2 nights