Blood And Beauty In Outback Shades DAY EIGHT

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route The Below map of this road trip’s detailed trail and interactive map. Click on the link in each icon to go to more details

Cockatoos Barcaldine
Cockatoos lined the fences
This sign outside the toilet speaks for itself. I have to also point out that these toilets were the best kept camp toilets I have ever been to.


Lloyd Jones Weir camping area to Sapphire (793km 3.5hr)

One our departure we were subjected to a strange farewell as the Cockatoos lined the exit, with their backs to us?….not sure if I should take a deeper meaning to this but was an awesome sight none the less. The landscape was dry and relatively bare, except for the scattered bottle trees that stand tall and proud, as though they are sucking the life water from the surrounding countryside.


Bottle Tree BW
Scattered bottle trees decorate the barren landscape


Locating the Big Bessie Fossicking area was somewhat of a challenge, the online directions were somewhat vague. After some wrong turns and challenging caravan turns in the scrub, we did eventually find our way…I think….we basically just stopped where it looked as though someone had camped before.


End of the Road, one of the many tracks around Big Bessie


Our motto, “we will know what we are looking for when we see it” was a little inefficient…as we found nothing. But sitting in a dusty hole under the shelter of an umbrella was at least entertaining for some.


Jem Fossicking
A lot of dirt and dust, but no luck



Turn off the Capricorn Highway at Anakie, and take the sealed road for 10km to Sapphire.
From there take the unsealed road to the west for 2km (L turn after the Blue Gem Caravan Park)to the signposted entrance.
Minor tracks lead north to the Big Bessie diggings
→Fossicking Licence and camp permit from – Blue Gem Caravan Park, (925 Anakie-Sapphire Rd) Sapphire, 49854162
⌂ – Big Bessie