Blood And Beauty In Outback Shades DAY SEVEN

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Longreach TruckBW
Longreach Truck

Camp Brolga
Visitors to our campsite before we left

Qantas Founders Outback Museum

The kids rose with great expectations written all over their faces, with the Qantas Museum not far away. There is something about aeroplanes that fascinate little ones, and big kids as well I might add. Unfortunately, one big kid will not make the tour as he struggles with ongoing migraines as a result of a motorcycle incident. Even bigger bummer is that it was him who has always been talking about wanting to go to the Qantas museum(he is a big Doco buff), and the reason we are here in the first place. (Just quietly…. I am quite over museums, as much as I like the rustic in my photography it takes a bit of work to keep kids excited over looking at history at every stop)

We parked our big rig under an even bigger rig, and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Qantas tour. Going into the old planes and listening to some of the stories was a highlight for us all even though the kids eyes glazed over every now and then.


Qantas Big Rig
Qantas Founders Outback Museum with our Grey beast in the background


Like sheep following the shadow of the trees, we tended to congregate under the plane wings, to combat the heat as we explored. However, it was the rumbling thunder clouds that chased us on our way.


Qantas Wing
Historic Qantas plane


Longreach to Lloyd Jones Weir camping area (104km 1.5hr)


Barcaldine Weir
Lloyd Jones Weir camping near Barcaldine


Racing to get to our next campsite we took a dirt track that lead us to the most moving and amazing experience of the trip. Though the ground barren and parched as far as you can see into the surrounding fields, the now small pool at the base of the weir, was teeming with wildlife.


Emu Barcaldine Weir
Emu at Water hole


Needless to say, the rain that chased us in disappeared to nothing, quicker than it had arrived. With the dark clouds just hanging as a teasing backdrop to the dry landscape, its hard not to feel for the animals.


Thunder cloud back drop at the weir


So hungry were the roo’s that as we sat by our campfire at night, they snuck so close that they could take lettuce from my daughter’s hand. It doesn’t need to be said that we left that campsite with no lettuce.


One of the many birds at the weir


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Heading for Barcaldine on Landsborough Hwy
R onto Harneys Ln about 9km
L onto Barcaldine Isisford Rd for about 3km
R at sign to Weir


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