Blood and beauty in outback shades DAY FIVE & SIX

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Charleville to Longreach (515km 5.20hr)

Stockman’s Hall of Fame

As the children slept, the brown falcons decorated the power lines, the small birds perched like strange fruit on bare trees and the silence of early morning in the outback was dominant. However it is the site of the sunrise filtering through the Sothern Cross and catches the stock horses shoulders that takes first prize.


Morning Glimpse Longreachpanorama
Morning Glimpse Longreach panorama shot from Stockman’s Hall of Fame


Sparrow Fruit Tree
Flocks of Sparrows adorn the naked trees on a Longreach morning


The stockman’s Hall of Fame was as moving and enlightening as expected, but the horse show was brilliant.

Hall Of Fame Show
I’ve seen trick horses before but never cattle


Early morning and evening explorations revealed the essence of Longreach, its equal beauty and harshness.


Longreach Sunset
Longreach sunset


Longreach Hay Scene
Evening hay bail scene around Longreach



→stop at Barcaldine or just after if needed
⌂ – 2 nights Longreach Tourist Park(thrush Rd)
46581781, 46582667

– Museum, Show and Lunch Package 
Package includes: 

  • Entry to Stockman’s Hall of Fame
  • Entry to Hugh Sawrey Art Gallery
  • Entry to Outback Stockman’s Show – 11am
  • Lunch at Cattlemen’s Bar & Grill – Lunch

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