Blood and beauty in outback shades DAY TWO

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Helidon to Toowoomba(Godfrey St)17km(20min)
→Cnr Margaret St & Godfrey(or Herries St)
→Spring Carnival(Queens Park)
●Art stalls Margaret Street, between Neil & Dent Streets
●Sideshow Alley-frogs Hollow, Lower Queens Park, Margaret St
●Cars-Godsall St Oval, Queens Park, Godsall St

We rose to an unusual silence….Its official, LR Has Laryngitis (We always manage to pick some bug up just before the school holidays) All be it much more peacefull for travel; we were only going 20min up the road. We parked the beast on a side street after googling the closest spot for a large caravan, and made a curtain we arrived before the crowds. Unfortunately, that also meant before all the entertainment started.

The flowers were beautiful, the car show a treat and the fair grounds a reasonable amount of fun, but overall the whole event was largely a glorified Country show. Mind you we didn’t go into the food festival section as it was a bit pricey for an hour or two visit.


Toowoomba to Oakey(Museum Drive)35km(40min)
Aviation Museum – At end of Oakey Kelvinhaugh rd
10am to 3pm
$15 familyDinnerAs roaming explorers we aim for FREE camp spots werever possible for three reasons.
⌂- Stay anywhere, L at Cnr Cory St & Lorrimer St(Gordon Park) or continue on to L at York St & follow York L again

We settled on staying at Gordon Park but missed out on the Museum, and spend the afternoon walking the creek and drawing with my daughter.

  1. We payed a fortune for the caravan and can’t afford to do anything else LOL
  2. The FREE camps we use are usually quite, in remote places right in with nature for the full experience with the wildlife
  3. Caravan parks in school holidays mostly require 2 to 7 nights stay for a booking

Sorry about the lack of photos to this section, they seem to have disappeared into the obis.

Now the fun starts

As the Dust Settles LongreachSunset
As The Dust Settles – Longreach