To Paradise and back! LAST DAY

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Maryborough to Brooyar state Forest

Mary Poppins and market day, the streets are alive with interest in this town. There is a little train that goes around the park with these massive rooted trees, and statues and the Mary Poppins story on corners around the town


Maryborough Tree roots


We headed straight onto the state forest so the kids had time for a swim. The road in was rough but doable in the dry, and the camp area was quite large and shaded. When the wind changed directions we Quickly found out why such a great place was not packed, unfortunately, the discovery coincided with the gratefulness for our self-contained unit……oh my, not in love with these composting toilets, when they go wrong, by do they go wrong. Fortunately, the fumes did not reach the bush walk up the maintain, so we had a great little exploration.

A great little spot, but only 2hrs to home after a morning swim. And that was it, way too short. Faves….. Musgrave Island for sure. The only disappointment was that we couldn’t find the Chowey Bridge, the only directions I could find were way to vague(Found it in our Heading North For Winter Trip). I am getting a little frustrated with people telling you about all these interesting places but giving no guidance on how to get there, so from now on my postings will come with a little more detail.


Maryborough Camp Fire
Brooyar state forest campsite


Our next adventure is a spring trip, usually the best time of year…. turned out to be the hottest spring on record….hmmm got to love this country.