To Paradise and Back DAY FIVE

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Green sea turtles, and rainbow coloured sands.

Green Sea Turtles ArtySwirl
Satin and light

A squealy girl giggle escaped from both kids, yes even the boy, their joy apparent as the first turtle breached the satin waters. By the end turtles were climbing over each other to get their feed of plain old lettuce right from the our hands(obviously finding more to the taste of lettuce than I ever thought). There is oodles of to do’s in this area but with only one day we started with brunch and sea turtle feeding at Reefworld Aquarium.

Green Sea Turtle Pat
Turtle Pat
Natures Palette Hervey BayPortfolio
Hervey Bay – Natures Palette

After chasing masses of soldier crabs around the mirrored watery beach outside the aquarium, we headed for Rainbow beach. Described as a golden gateway to some of the most amazing natural attractions to be found anywhere in the world. On the way we stoped at one of the short walks in the area, Seary’s Creek. A quick 5min boardwalk with two accessible swimming holes.


Seary's Creek
Seary’s Creek off Rainbow beach road


Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach

Sunset and sand slide is next, at Carlo Sand Blow (Water tower reservoir, Cooloola Drive). Sunglasses a must for obvious reasons, the kids even walked around with their swimming goggles on to combat the sand blowing in their eyes. With more face planting than sand sliding, I feel there is more of an art to this than seems, but still a whole lot of fun….to watch any way Ha Ha. But the views breathtaking, and unique. Photography

Rainbow Sands
Rainbow Sands, Carlo Sand blow
Carlo Sands
Endless sands, Carlo Sands (Rainbow beach)
Next the Historic town of Maryborough