To Paradise and back DAY FOUR

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Burnett Heads to Hervey bay (2hrs)

As I lay not awake, but not asleep, listening to the waves, a gentle rock of the caravan alerted me to the rise of the little members of the family. I held my breath waiting for them to burst through the curtains in all the enthusiasm of the Christmas morn….nothing. I could bear the silence no longer and parted the curtain….no one….I found them outside on the rocky beach building houses as the waves crashed, and the sun rose behind them. Who needs presents? They hold nothing to a real life adventure…..of cause they were opened and with all that enthusiasm, just a bit later.

We woke on the beautiful shores of Oaks Beach at Burnett Heads.

At low tide, nearby Duchess Rocks has a display of soft coral and it’s here where remnants of an ancient lava flow can be viewed. Snorkel or fish off the rock wall.

Oaks Beach QLD
Christmas Morning Oaks Beach QLD


After a short, but very scenic trip we landed at Hervey bay  in time for a Christmas swim and festive meal. Mini tinsel tree included, its amazing what you can cram into a van.