To Paradise and Back, the LADY MUSGRAVE EXPERIENCE

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route The Below map of this road trip’s detailed trail and interactive map. Click on the link in each icon to go to more details

Paradises underbelly

Lady Musgrave’s coral shores


The shakiness of my step was overpowered as I step out onto the pontoon, the serene beauty of what lay before me was all encompassing. We headed straight for the Island to still any residual sway in foot, and entered a whole other world. Besides the beauty, the uniqueness of the Island was apparent with every step. The whole island is built on coral and with thunder clouds overhead, the clarity of shape and form was powerful, and the colours magical.


2012 Lady Musgrave IslandCoral4
Coral Beach



The hum of the mosquitoes was overpowered by the masses of bird life, but the resulting smell was a little harder to get used to. With its twisting tree cover of sticky seeded Pisonia’s it is indeed a unique (and ever so slightly) twisted wonderland, but not for the faint hearted. Being built on coral there was no soil, the birds that fell from nests or become entangled in the sticky seeds are quickly devoured by centipedes, and the nutrients eventually returned to the ground to feed the trees.


2012 Lady Musgrave Island Trees2
Twisted trunk canopy of the Pisonia trees


You can even camp on the Lady Musgrave Island National Park for a full island experience, as long as you are fully self-sufficient. Composting toilets, and emergency radio are supplied.

Even though the small reef sharks were pointed out to us in the distance during our exploration of the Island, our haste to experience the reef from below was still evident.


2012 Lady Musgrave IslandCoral3
coral reef

Bobbing around like little ducks with their buts held high, the kid’s giggles were apparent even under water.

As my shark filter thinned (rest of the swimmers) I was still oblivious till the last bell tolled, and then I realized I was only one of two still eyeballing, coral, fish and chasing after octopuses. The kids still slightly dazed with the experience, sat waiting on the deck watching fish. No Underwater camera sorry (next time)

As sun began to hang low we headed back for 1770….sea sickness tablet…check.

By by my love


deciding to do a little night time driving after such a full day was a challenge but we didn’t want to wake up Christmas morning in a car park, that would have killed the high we were all on. see what we woke to in the next post.