To Paradise and Back DAY ONE continued

Lake Monduran to 1770 (1.2hr)

Mangroves at 1770

Next stop the beautiful Town of 1770 ( ). We cruised around the area first and fell in love, so picturesque and especially loved the practically on the beach camping(maybe not good for a Macia visit though). Only problem is you have to really like your camping neighbour as you will practically be on top of them. It is also the bottom most access point to the Great Barrier Reef, our destination for tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

Not so friendly for a big caravan though, however, we found a spot to stop the night at the oversized vehicle section of the Marina parking. Not technically allowed, but as we had an early start for our cruise from the Marina tomorrow we thought it worth the risk.

The kids explored and swam amongst the mangroves before nightfall. The sheltered aspect of the area created blue crystal glass waters for as far as the eye could see as the sun sets. Only disturbed by the coming and going of boats such as the Lady Musgrave cruiser that left a glint of excitement in the eyes of us all, as we fell asleep thinking of our adventure tomorrow.

Belly swim 1770

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