To Paradise and Back DAY TWO

Kinbombi Falls to Lake Monduran (3hr)

The Boys, Kinbombi Falls

Falling to sleep to the silence of the bush is a stark contrast to the early mornings. By the first hint of light, the bush comes alive with bird chatter, and we are off to our next destination.

Lake Monduran is an impressive site, and one of which we almost got to experience way too up and close. Even with GPS it’s still fairly easy to go a little off course, especially when you are not really sure where you are going to start.

We ended up down near the Holiday Park in search of the boat ramp picnic area and well…Let’s just say welcome to the world of caravanning just slapped you in the face.

Noticed the signs saying ramp this way, so dutifully followed as you do…..up and over, up and over and then come over and down another steep bit…. that stopped ….at the lake…literally….19 and a bit foot caravan almost nose to nose, with a whopping hill at its but. I would just like to say that there was some obscuring of vision via tree cover and the like till we got there…

Fortunately, Land cruiser to the rescue! and were able to take advantage of the cruisers capabilities to carefully reverse blindly and slowly back up the hill……sweet, got away with just some startled onlookers. Point taken, thoroughly research your destinations!!!

We ended up finding the picnic spot at the ramp we were looking for which was brilliant, and caravan friendly. Not allowed to stay the night though so we headed on to 1770.




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