To paradise and back DAY ONE

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route The Below map of this road trip’s detailed trail and interactive map. Click on the link in each icon to go to more details

Dec 22nd Dayboro to Kinbombi Falls (3hr 40min)

We started off early, and with the Landcruiser pulling up the Mt Mee hills like it was carrying a paper weight, we were off to a great start with some fantastic scenery.


First stop was the unique Timber Museum in a beautiful town called Wondai ( An excellent display of local woods and timber history, as well as the wonderfully detailed, life-size diorama. Out the back, you can find the Woodcrafter’s Workshop and watch local woodworkers demonstrate their skills.

Continuing on to Kinbombi Falls……you can get lost in the scenery at times….“Wow, look at that huge cow on the train track,”……….I am sure we should have come to the turn off by now….” turn around lets back track…….”damn that’s a big cow”………the GPS say we definitely should have come to the turn off by now….turn around(remember we have a 19ftcaravan on the back)…and guess where the turn off is, right opposite the #$@#* COW!

Followed a pretty tree lined road to Kinbombi Falls (Lot 469 Kinbombi Falls rd, off the wide bay Hwy)

Valley Kinbombi Falls

Beautiful spot to stay the night in nature. Flies may try and carry you away but the hike down to the bottom of the water fall is well worth it, with some pretty rock pools. Apparently great swimming spot after some rain……maybe not as much as we are getting now from Cyclone Marcia…..There was only a trickle of water when we went, but going to check it out post Cyclone and it should be brilliant.

rock pools at Kinbombi Falls

Great camp spot, great campfire, great start (if you forget about the cow) Click here

next stop the gorgeous town of 1717