To paradise and back!

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To Paradise and back! Vomit, fireplaces and an island that feeds off its wildlife!


Our next road trip goes feral in the most beautiful places, on a Christmas adventure to paradise and back. After our first marathon 6000km trip, the travel bug is well and truly with us. So much so that we wanted to get that bit closer to the travel experience…..enter the grey beast(aka…caravan…doesn’t nearly sound as good). Our van is fully equipped, raised, with toilet shower and solar. Tanami Creative(as in the notorious dirt track…we have high hopes  http://www.australian-4× ), great price, great quality, great style(went to find the link for the vans and found they have closed shop…hmmm).

I still have flashbacks as a child squatting outside in the dark with the grass tickling my ass, trying to hold the torch between your teeth…..only to drop it….Hence, the van is more of a studio on wheels set up. With the cruiser up front, we can now go where we want to go, and stop when we want to stop, and the kids love it. Mind you in the past we have camped on the hard ground in the pouring rain, in a tent with water dripping on your head like some bazaar water torture, and the kids loved that too.

First time packing the van, what do you take when you can take everything…Take everything of cause! Kids loaded the mini tree and decked out the inside and outside with Christmas lights. The grey nomads are no match for child style.