Lightning Ridge 6000km in 14 days

Exploring Lightning Ridge day 13

An interestingly unique town of old cars, shanty homes and old mining holes and mounds. The coloured door tours is a brilliant  idea however we found ourselves getting lost with all the little tracks going everywhere(getting lost not so good with all the holes in the ground…and I will be honest a little unnerving)

BWRust Lightning Ridge

Some stand outs are the underground gallery of beautiful crafted sculptures from Jesus to superman, The rustic tin church and the bottle house. Lightning Ridge





As the sun went down after a long day, we had a plunge in the Artesian Bore Baths with intensely hot water from deep in the earth. Go at night and view the stars from the baths. There is quite a lot more to see and do in Lightning Ridge, it really is an oasis in the middle of nowhere and we shall return

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