Peterborough Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days

Peterborough ghosts

Peterborough was voted(family vote) to have the best town signs


However, I found the Light and sound show at Steam Town to be little more than a glorified video with some flashing lights at the end. History buffs would love it, and the story was told well, but the best moment of the night was to find our little boy but up methodically looking under our car with his torch(he had been doing this a few nights now)”What you doin B?”, to which he responded ¬†“checking for penguins!!!”. Could not stop laughing all the way to the convent(accommodation) You see, on leaving the penguin parade some 5 nights or so ago the ranges told us to check for penguins before we leave, good to see he actually listens sometimes.

And it is worth to do the heritage walk
Now here is where it gets interesting our accommodation was at Saint Cecilia Heritage Mansion Hotel where they do haunted tours
Below are our supposed ghost presence during our stay (we slept well) the images were taken only a few seconds after each other, you decide

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